The Travel

Donnerstag, 13.09.2012
Guys Australia is amazing!! Beautiful !! Just fantastic hihi clement and I traveled from cairns up to the cape tribulation where the rainforest meets the great barrier reef ;) pretty beach ;) after clement and I made our own way into the rainforest ;) we went to 2 waterholes and were swimming and after we made a walk around..! The next day we went to different waterfalls wonderful! You've never seen something such awesome ;) nature and real untouched away from touristic attractions ;) the next day we traveled down to cairns again where we planned to do a diving day trip.. But the weather wasn't good so we tought : och the great barrier reef is so long we will find a better place. And made our way till mission beach where we spoke with an information and they said :defiantly cairns is the cheapest.. So what did clement and I do? Drove up again, and today we had our trip.. It was fantastic we could pet a big fish and he was like a dog following us :) sweet really sweet.. And now we will make our way down till airlie beach and have a look at the beautiful Whitsunday's ;)

The Travel starts

Dienstag, 04.09.2012
Hallo meine süßen, wird ja langsamen mal wieder zeit, dass wir euch ein paar Infos liefern. Also, our Job was really hard and long. We worked every day from 7 am Till ca. 6 pm. Our brake was about 30 min max. We did all Kinds of work but the Main was about fencing, drafting and mastring. That are all Jobs where you work with cattle. And sometimes its really dangerous.

One Day before our farmworkjob

Dienstag, 03.07.2012
Hey guys! Tomorrow we Travel to Townsville which takes us 3000km and 2 days travel by bus. After that we take the Bus to Charters Towers. And there we will be pickel um by our Farmer. And then we are going to work hard.


The first days in Sydney

Montag, 02.07.2012
We arrived on a rainy Day (the 26th june 2012) in Sydney. Our Hope in the Hostel was Big but as we arrived the shock was bigger hahaha! The room was dirty (short Info: we found an old USED underwear in our room), the kitchen disgusting and the Bath just okay..." BUT it is a Hostel not a Hotel!" was our thought after. We lived 4 days in a Double room, which was 70$ per night and it was really Not luxury! One bed, and... thats it. So one Day we went around to Search a better Hostel because our plan was to stay 2 month in Sydney. We searched the whole Day flats and rooms and when we found it yesterday, the 1st july, we changed our plan hahaha. Maybe we found a work for 3 weeks. After we would like to go into the outback. Now our plan is to work at a Ranch but Maybe we will change it again as every Day 1000 times. You really cant know how you think tomorrow and what you will do. Thats what we learnd the 7 days we are here. Right now we are living in a 10 bed room ;) with all the boys who like to use drugs and smoke, Drink bear etc. It stink but what we're thinking: it CAN'T get worse!!!! ;D smile and fuck Off ;D. So we planned to stay 3 weeks inside. Nothing matters, after 100 tears and some discussions. Clement and me habituated fast the "New" life. Its normal to Cook in this kitchen (my mother would get a blondi-flip-out and clements mother will directly go). Yesterday we left in some cafes and bars our CVs (Lebensläufe). Alteady 2 phoned. Tomorrow is our Big day, we have our first interview to get a job. If we get it, we will handle flyers out wuhuuu! Great Job! But that doesnt matters, we can earn till 500$ in one week, and that is really Great! Sorry that we dont Upload any photos but we think with the iPad its Not possible.


at the airport

Sonntag, 24.06.2012
We are Setting at the AirPort and waiting ;) Its already hard to stay away from our Family :( both (Clement and i) are very nervous haha We Love you :-*


Almost in Australia

Sonntag, 24.06.2012
Some days before our travel we are already nervous and cannot wait till ist starts.